PRMHA launches its Academy Hockey Program for the start of the 2019/20 season. In partnership with SD47, PRMHA will operate a PIE (Partnership in Education) hockey program. Any PRMHA member in grades 8 – 12 can enroll.

For this coming season our Midget Rep team and affiliate players will participate in a full time hockey program during A&B blocks of their class schedule. The academy will run for the first semester from September to the end of January. They will receive 4 ½ hours of ice per week along with the balance of their time spent off ice training & classroom activities. Any other player can sign up for the part time hockey skills training sessions which run Monday & Friday mornings.

Instruction for the program will be delivered by Joe Caldarone (Hockey Canada Skills Coach), Sean Maguire (Goalie & Skills Coach), Chad Van Diemen (Hockey Canada HP1 & Midget Rep Head Coach) and Jodi Mastrodonato (Brooks Teacher and program liaison). Administration will be handled by Rick Hopper (PRMHA – Director of Operations).

The cost for the program will be $1500.00 for full time and $500.00 for part time, this is in addition to any PRMHA registration or team fees. Payments for the program are payable to PRMHA and will be due September 15th 50% and Dec 1st 50%.

SD47 will provide bussing as indicated in the schedule and students will receive credits based on their participation. For any questions regarding the academic portion of the program please contact Jodi Mastrodonato, and any hockey related questions should be directed to Rick Hopper,


The PRMHA ACADEMY will begin operation Wednesday, Sep 4, 2019 and run until Friday, Jan 31, 2020. All listed activities will take place at the Recreation Complex.


9:00-10:00am…Training off ice Midgets.
9:15-10:15am…Skills Session on ice Grade 8-12.
10:30-11:30am…Skills Session on ice Midgets.
10:45am…Bus pick up @ Complex.
12:00pm…Bus pick up @ Complex.


12:30pm…Bus pick up @ Brooks.
1:30-2:45pm…Team practice on ice Midgets.
3:00-4:00pm…Training off ice Midgets.


9:00-11:45pm…Classroom Midgets.
12:00pm…Bus pick up @ Complex.